Why Us

Find your new PRE Andalusian horse in Spain

We help Spanish horse lovers from all over the world to find their new PRE Andalusian horse in Spain. You can find your new horse with us in two ways:

Alternative 1:  Check out our Spanish Horses selection*
Alternative 2: We find your horse for you

As we speak English, French, Swedish and Spanish, as well as some German, you'll be sure to be able to communicate easily through us, and there is no risk of getting lost while visiting.

I. Selected Quality PRE Andalusian Horses in Spain

We have made a Spanish Horses selection of quality PRE Andalusian horses that are right now available in Spain. The selection includes fine stallions, mares and foals/fillies recommended for:

- Pleasure Riding
- FEI dressage
- Conformation Competition
- Professional Breeding for Dressage or Conformation

II. Premium Service

As we have access to excellent PRE Andalusian horses for dressage, conformation and breeding, we can help you find the horse you are looking for if you can't find it in the Selection.

These horses we can show you come both from world famous Spanish stud farms and private, small scale local breeders that you might never have heard of. In this way, we give you access to anything from basic pleasure riding horses of excellent quality, to possible future world champions in either dressage or morphology.

The horses in this category are not presented anywhere on this page, nor elsewhere on internet. Minimum purchase budget: €30.000:00

Let us know what you are looking for here (link)

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(*) We work only with purebred Spanish horses (Pura Raza Española, PRE horses). The breed is often referred to in the US as Andalusians.