Africano Real

Small PRE Andalusian Stallion, 148 cm / 14.6 hh for sale in Spain, 4 years

Africano Real (Fer Bulería x Inducida IV), born 2014-05, height 148 cm / 14.6 hh. Ridden.

Africano Real is the perfect future competition horse for a child or small rider. A golden bay stallion, he is a gorgeous PRE Andalusian horse with perfect proportions, strong back and some very good gaits. Africano is athletic, noble and well-mannered. Just like his father Fer Bulería, he is kind, energetic and  has a noble character. He is well behaved and very easy to handle. Under saddle. 

This athletic beauty is the perfect future amateur PRE Andalusian competition horse for a child, young rider or small-size rider. 

Champion origins

– Son of Fer Bulería, Reserve Champion of Spain, Spanish Absolute Champion of Movements, Spanish Absolute Champion of Functionality, Spanish Absolute Champion of the Breed and a total of 43 medals in Spanish breed championships.
– Nephew of black PRE Andalusian Grand Prix-horse Intruso X, competed successfully in Spain by José Antonio Mena.


Africano Real, Fer Bulería x Inducida IV, bay stallion, ca 148 cm / 14.6 hh, born 2014-05
Breed: PRE Andalusian / Pura Raza Española / Purebred Spanish Horse
Character: Very nice, easy to handle and well behaved
Leve: Under saddle
Extra: Very athletic and he loves to jump over and through things
Lines: Yeguada Militar (Oficial XXI, Jenson, Agente); Bocado (Bizarro, Descarado II)
Registered: ANCCE
Located in: Seville, Southern Spain
Price Category: A

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