Purchase an Andalusian Horse in Spain

Andalusian horses in Spain are attracting buyers from all over the world. However, it is quite difficult to know how to succeed with a horse purchase in Spain all by yourself.

If you are looking for your new PRE Andalusian horse, you will be pleased to know that we can help you find good horses for sale. As we ourselves are dressage riders and breeders, we know what is required from a purchase.

 Ride PRE Andalusian Horses in Spain

Have you always dreamed of riding a first class purebred Spanish horse? In the case you would like to make a reality of this dream, we offer a small number of one-on-one lessons. You will then be riding our private, competition-quality PRE Andalusian horses in Spain.

Access to Breed Knowledge

As a CavalReal client you get full access to our breed expertise. When you work with us, we also bring you the knowledge and depth of expertise of our sterling contacts.

PRE Andalusian Horses Stud Farm

At the CavalReal stud farm near Sevilla, we breed PRE Andalusian horses of champion lines. If you are initiated in the breed, you might have heard about the famous Ferrero horses. It is a line of horses famous for its breed champions. CavalReal is home to a key stallion of this line of horses: Fer Bulería, Reserve Champion of Spain. As a result, CavalReal offspring is typically both beautiful and highly functional. They are suitable for anything form pleasure riding and dressage, to breeding and conformation competitions.