PRE Stallions

First class PRE Andalusian horses for sale and export straight from Spain. Functional stallions of champion lines; healthy and sound, with good movements and a good character. Recommended for everyday riding, dressage, conformation and breeding.

Some horses may have what it takes to compete: Serious international competition-quality horses in FEI dressage or morphology/conformation, or amateur-level horses competing for learning, enjoyment and fun. As our client, we can advise you on this subject.

Price Categories:

A – €10.000 to €25.000
B – €25.000 to €50.000

Optional / Included in Purchase
– One month complimentary boarding in Spain
– Approval for breeding with ANCCE (APTO)
– Help with exportation and transportation
– Stallions can be castrated before leaving Spain (additional cost)

After-Purchase Options
– Keep your horse in Spain with us for qualification (“Calificado”)*
– Keep your horse in Spain with us for further training and/or competition in FEI dressage, classical dressage, Alta Escuela or Doma Vaquera*

* When you keep your horse with us, you can come and ride your horse yourself, one-on-one for our professional Spanish trainer. To make things very convenient for you, we offer door-to-door service.