Horse Prices in Spain

PRE Andalusian Horse Prices in Spain

As a general rule when buying horses in Spain today, you will get what you pay for. A higher-quality horse will cost more than a lesser-quality one.

The days when you could get PRE Andalusian horses virtually for free as studs in Spain were closing to avoid bankruptcy are since long over.

As the international economy recovered, prices of the purebred Spanish horses has recovered too. Taken together with the fact that Spain’s economic recovery has gained speed, since a couple of years back, it means that breeders no longer have to sell horses far below their value.

Some Market Indicators

These are some of the factors that influence the current price-level on the market for PRE Andalusian horses in Spain:

–  The Spanish economy has recovered
– The volume of horses bred each year was dramatically decreased as a result of the crash
– Dressage is increasing in popularity the world over
– PRE Andalusian horses are competing in the Olympics
– The demand for dressage PRE Andalusian horses is increasing

The Current Market

The days when you could get horses virtually for free as studs were closing to avoid bankruptcy are since long over.

Make a Plan for Your Purchase

It is important to have some idea what you want to spend on your new horse. It doesn’t have to be a fixed amount, but it could be within some price interval.

We work with you within your budget. Tthere are always way to make your money last longer or get more for whatever you are able to invest. We help you work within the Spanish business mentality to make a good purchase, as well as getting the most buck for your money.

Price Categories

Fine PRE Andalusian horses exist in four price levels:

€10.000:00 to €30.000:00
Medium: €30.000 – €50.000
High: €50.000 to €100.000:00
Extra: €100.000:00 to €500.000:00 (and up from there)