Breed Specialists

PRE Andalusian Horse Breed Specialists

Our team consists of individuals with a high level of professional expertise in the PRE Andalusian horse breed (Pura Raza Española, purebred Spanish horse). Breeders, trainers, judges, riders, lawyers, veterinaries, e t c. Taken together, they represent the knowledge required to succeed with your horse purchase in Spain.

Here are some examples of what we help you with when you buy a horse from us.

While Buying a PRE Horse in Spain

– Selection and evaluation of horses suitable for viewing in Spain
– Organize a viewing of horses available for purchase in Spain
– Help, evaluation advice in your own selection process
– We take care of you and/or your representative while in Spain
– Help with everything relating to the purchase of a horse: blood tests, pre-purchase vet-checks, transportation, e t c

Legal Expertise Related to Your Purchase

– Help with legal issues around horse purchases in Spain

Pre-Purchase Services

– Castration
– Training
– Covering w/ suitable stallion

Horse Transportation from Spain

We help you get your horse from Spain to your home country, by land, sea or air.

Horse Export and Import Issues

Help in getting your horse or horses through the export / import procedures, including blood tests, quarantine, e t c.