Young Horse Evaluation

We are honored to have received a visit by a highly respected Spanish dressage rider to help with the evaluation of our first generation of PRE dressage horses, who are now five years old.

Quality Requires Attention

We like to give much attention to the quality of the horses we breed and select for FEI dressage, so we believe it is important to receive input and feedback on the quality of our horses from people with much knowledge in the field.

Our advisor appeared in the early afternoon, and we spent some hours evaluating the quality of a couple of our favourite young horses:

  1. Quality of movements

  2. Bone structure

  3. Legs, backs, hooves

  4. Temperament

  5. Ease of learning

As the sun was setting over the fields, we were happy to sit down and share the thoughts, ideas and inputs of this knowledgeable individual, who has dedicated his life to the riding, training and competing of the purebred Spanish horse, both in Spain and internationally

Although it takes time and money, we like to give this attention to our young horses, to learn how to best develop and work with them in the months and years ahead.

Purebred Spanish Horses Young Horse Evaluation PRE Andalusian Stallion.jpg