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Video: Swedish elite rider Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard and Lusitano stallion Roberto des Frettes at the FEI Elite Dressage / Lövsta Future Challenge 2018 in Stockholm. They finished with a Grand Prix score of 68,406 (1 st position) and a Grand Prix Freestyle score of 70,442 (3rd position).

Elitdressyren 2018, Djursholms Ridklubb, Stockholm, Sweden.

Black Pura Raza Española Mare for Sale

Black Pura Raza Española Mare for Sale in Spain

One of our favourites Inducida IV, a black PRE Andalusian brood mare, is now for sale in Spain. A bold mare with an excellent character, she has very good movements and gives lovely foals.

Inducida IV has competed in breed conformation in Spain with very good movement scores, including qualifying for SICAB. Black with the rare yellow gene, she could give exclusive palomino, buckskin, chestnut offspring.

Read more about Inducida IV here.

How to choose a PRE foal

1. Be clear what you want your new horse for – pleasure riding, exhibition, dressage, breeding, company.

2. Decide if it is a stallion, mare or gelding that you will want in the future.

3. Set an approximate buget.

4. Get a selection of candidates, either yourself or through an agent.

5. Look at the size, character, movements and origins of the candidates and see how it to matches your goals.

6. Get professional advice on your main candidates.

7. Go see the candidates

8. Involve your heart.

9. Go ahead and make your choice

photo: Creativa by CavalReal

Creativa Real – PRE Filly for Dressage with Guardiola / YM origins

PRE Andalusian Filly for Dressage

Creativa Real (Trajano IV x Inducida IV, 2016) is a PRE Andalusian filly of excellent character and exclusive  dressage origins. After a couple of years living half-wild on the fields with her sisters and aunts, she  is now available for export from Spain.

Recommended for

– FEI Dressage
– Classical dressage
– Pleasure riding

Creativa comes from a line of hard-working, athletic horses which makes her suitable for sport. We recommend Creativa for dressage and pleasure riding.


Creativa's father is Guardiola stallion Trajano IV (Martelillo IV x Gramatica) from the BRH dressage stud farm in Spain. According to the stud owner Enrique and leading Spanish dressage professionals that advise the stud, Trajano IV is the one in his generation at the BRH stud with the best movements, very elastic and suspended. As many horses of this hard-working line, he has a huge heart capacity.

Creativa's mother is Inducida IV, sister of Grand Prix horse Intruso X who competed successfully in Spain with José Antonio Mena, member of the National Spanish Dressage team. Inducida is a Martinez Boloix (Jabugo) / Yeguada Militar (Jenson / Agente, Official XXI) mare, with some Bocado from the Bizarro / Descarado II line.

Creativa Real is a sister of Africano Real


Creativa Real is located in Spain. We assist you with the vet check, transportation and export issues, e t c, so you can bring her easily home to your home barn.

Other Services

After purchase, you can keep Creativa with us until it is time to take her home with you. We can also manage her training and competition in Spain, if you should so desire.


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