Gramola - Proven PRE Andalusian Brood Mare, born 2001

Gramola (Albarelo II/Contadora III), bay brood mare, born 2001, 160 cm / 15.7 hh. Excellent character and nice movements. She has qualified for, and competed at, SICAB. Gives first class FEI dressage and conformation offspring.

First class, highly functional Yeguada Militar-lines from Macanuo - Ocle - Gorron II, Official XXI (x2) and Jenson - Agente

Price Category: B
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Quality PRE Andalusian Offspring

Sueca IIl (Fantasmon* x Gramola), born 2012 in Spain
Alpha Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola, born 2014 in Spain
Condesa Real (Fer Buleria x Gramola), born 2015 in Spain
Electra Real (Veterano VI ** x Gramola), born 2018 in Spain

(*) Fantasmon (Beaton / Astuta IX), "Cinco de Oros", dark bay stallion that is Qualified (Calificado) Breeding Stock and JRR Young Recommended Breeding Stock for Dressage. He is 16.2hh (1.68m) tall and very well put together. He excelled in both morphological and dressage competitions throughout Spain. 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, 2 x 10th place in SICAB, Highest score of 80,55

(**) Veterano VI (Limeño VIII x Marismilla II), bay Spanish Grand Prix-horse born 1999, qualified stallion, 174 cm / 17.12 hh,

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