Gorgeous Black PRE Andalusian Stallion for Sale in Spain

Alejandro (Velazquez II / Arianda) – Black PRE Andalusian stallion, 164 cm / 16.1 hh, with all-round training. He is a medium level dressage horse that is great to ride out. He also has two full years of training in freedom dressage, working without any gear in complete freedom beside his trainer.

Born in 2010, Alejandro is an impressive stallion with that Spanish beauty that captures your imagination. He has a very beautiful head, and the thick, abundant mane and tail of the classical Spanish horses.  He is of the classical Terry / Bocado type of horses, with excellent proportions.

Calm, well mannered and very comfortable to ride, Alejandro is a perfect all-round horse with many skills in both dressage and freedom dressage.


If you are interested in breeding, Alejandro could give nice black, buckskin and bay PRE Andalusian offspring. His bloodlines are of the classical origins that were favoured by Romero Benitez. Alejandro's father is a Swedish Absolute Champion of the Breed, and his sisters are Swedish Mare Champions and Absolute Champions of Movements.

Back in Sweden, his full brother is training with his rider in clinics with leading Iberian trainers such as Portuguese Julio Borba, and Jose Manuel Muñoz, the Spanish Olympic rider. According to the Spanish professional trainers that have evaluated Alejandro, he has the mind and conformation to be able to reach PSG/GP, provided he receives the proper training.

Trained in Freedom Dressage

Alejandro has received two full years of training in freedom dressage by professional trainers. First with Swedish champion Lina Zacha and later with a Spanish PRE Andalusian show horse trainer. He knows Spanish walk and can stand on his back legs in freedom, without a rider. He can sit, lie down, swirl, all in complete freedom without wearing any gear. He also walks free beside or behind you, and can trot and canter free beside you as you work in the arena. His trainer used to keep him completely free and unattached while preparing him.

The fact that Alejandro comes with complete training in two different disciplines makes him a unique horse on the market

Freedom Dressage with Alejandro, 4 years

A Highly Recommended All-Round Horse

We highly recommend Alejandro for someone who is looking for a captivating, safe, all-round horse and lifetime friend. With Alejandro you can do everything: He is wonderful for riding out in the countryside, and used to cars, motorbikes, tractors, children, dogs, e t c. He has received years of training from professional trainers in both dressage and freedom dressage. As an extra plus, he is a very comfortable ride in all three gaits, including very easy to sit in the trot.

Suitable for a child, young rider or an adult rider who wants a safe and secure horse.

Alejandro is a gorgeous, calm and noble horse of the classical Spanish type. Impressive in stature, but gentle and curious, he is very sociable and interested in human beings. He loves to interact with us people in a kind and gentle way. Originally born near Stockholm in Sweden, he came to Spain with us at a young age, and so already knows about different ways of living in the world. At an additional cost, there is the possibility of castrating him  before you bring him back home.

Alejandro (Velazquez II / Arianda), black stallion, 164 cm / 16.1 hh, born 2010-04
Breed: PRE Andalusian / Pura Raza Española / Purebred Spanish Horse
Genetic code: ggEEaaCCppchchzz,  he can give buckskin offspring)
Character: Calm, well behaved
Training: FEI dressage, Freedom dressage
Energy Level: Medium

Gaits: Longer walk, nice trot with a forward-moving shoulder, nice canter
Level, dressage: Basic + does lateral work
Extra: Exceptionally comfortable to ride, and very easy to sit
Lines: 85% Bocado (Bizarro IV, Letrado II, Quimico II)
Registered: ANCCE
Registered for breeding: APTO
Price Category: A
Location: Seville (Andalusia, Southern Spain)

Dressage Session with Alejandro, 8 years

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