Electra Real

Electra Real - A PRE Andalusian Filly of Grand Prix Origins

Electra Real (Veterano VI x Gramola), bay filly recommended for a future in FEI dressage, or pleasure riding. Electra is a bold and beautiful filly with very good gaits and an excellent temperament. She is a gorgeous and noble PRE Andalusian mare excellent for FEI dressage. Available for export straight from the Scandinavian PRE Dressage horse breeder located in Spain.

Price Category: A
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Grand Prix Origins

Electra's father Veterano VI is a Qualified ("Calificado") Spanish Grand Prix horse of 174 cm / 17.1h. He is a direct descendant of the exceptional Spanish movement stallion Albero II. He has an extraordinary morphology and a great aptitude for sport.

Veterano VI has a long walk that is well defined. His trot is wide, elastic and elevated, with a remarkable activity, his gallop is rhythmic and elastic. He possesses a special ability for both gathered and broad airs. He  has competed in the small tour in various shows, such as the Sunshine Tour in Cádiz, with Grand Prix scores of around 67%.

Electra's grandfather Limeño VIII is well known for the great number of extraordinary offspring. Her great grandfather, Violin, is an famous PRE Andalusian stallion that was confirmed by the Royal School of Equestrian art in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia.

On the mother side, Electra comes out of the athletic Yeguada Militar lines, with some of the most important stallions, Macanuo / Ocle / Gorron II, Official XXI and Jenson/Agente, well represented in the family tree.

Stable Services and Further Training in Spain

After purchase, you can keep Electra Real with us until it is time to take her home with you. If she remains with us in Spain until fully grown, we can arrange for her training and/or FEI dressage competition in Spain, before she leaves for her new home. More info here.

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