Creativa Real

PRE Andalusian Filly for Dressage (2016)

Creativa Real (Trajano IV x Inducida IV, born 2016) is a grey PRE Andalusian filly of excellent character and exclusive  dressage origins available for export straight from the breeder in Spain.

Breed: Purebred Spanish horse (Pura Raza Española, PRE)
Registered with ANCCE: Yes
Character: Forward, energetic and sweet
Training: Still living in the fields
Born: 2016
Excellent for FEI dressage

Price Category: A
Easy viewing in Seville (more info here)

Dressage Origins

Creativa's father is the 100% pure Guardiola stallion Trajano IV (Martelillo IV x Gramatica) from the BRH dressage stud farm in Spain. He is one of the best movers of the stud. Martelillo IV is the foundation stallion of the BRH stud farm.

Creativa's mother is Inducida IV. , a black PRE Andalusian movement mare that has qualified for, and competed at SICAB in Spain. She is a sister of Grand Prix horse Intruso X. He is a black JRR * stallion that competed successfully in Spain with José Antonio Mena, member of the National Spanish Dressage team. Inducida is sweet, polite and gentle with people, but also a brave and determined mare should there be a need for it. In the fields, Inducida is taking care of her blind cousin who does not see very well. Inducida helps her find her way to food and shadow when out in the fields.


A sweet, gentle and energetic PRE Andalusian filly, Creativa Real is well-mannered and very easy to handle. She is currently living half-wild in the fields together with her sisters and aunts, to give her a healthy self-confidence and good social skills.

Creativa Real is a half sister of Africano Real, son of Fer Bulería, Reserve
Champion of Spain, born 2012. 


Creativa Real is located near Seville in Andalusia, Spain. At purchase, we assist you with the veterinary pre-purchase examination, transportation and export issues, e t c. We also help you to have an enjoyable and easy visit when you come to see her. If you are unable to come personally, we are happy to work with your representative, and can also work with you long-distance over video.

Stable Services and Further Training in Spain

After purchase, you can keep Creativa with us until it is time to take her home with you. If she remains with us in Spain until fully grown, we can arrange for her training and/or FEI dressage competition in Spain, before she leaves for her new home. More info here.

(*) JRR or “Joven Reproductor Recomendado” = Recommended for the breeding of PRE dressage horses by the Spanish Agricultural Ministry.

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