Condesa Real

Condesa Real - Promising PRE Andalusian Filly of Champion Lines for Sale in Spain, 2 years

Condesa Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola), grey mare, born 2016.
Good gaits with a long, relaxed walk, and good trot and canter. Fantastic temperament. Well-mannered and easy to handle.

Champion Origins

Daughter of Fer Bulería (Mañoso II x Kanaka III) Reserve Champion of Spain, Absolute Champion of Movements, Absolute Champion of Functionality, Absolute Champion of the Breed with 43 medals in Spanish breed championships.

On the mother side, she comes out of the highly functional Yeguada Militar dressage lines of Macanuo / Ocle / Gorron II, Official XXI (x2), Jenson/Agente.

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