PRE Clinics


Ride Highly Trained PRE Horses for Leading Trainers

We have gathered a team of Junior and Senior trainers to give you the experience of a lifetime, riding private, highly trained PRE horses. We also offer tailor made private classes and courses on any subject relating to the riding or breeding of fine PRE horses.

PRE Dressage Class or Clinic

Ride a fine PRE Andalusian dressage horse for a champion trainer. One-on-one single class or 1 - 5 days private clinic.

Doma Vaquera: As an fun extra, we offer the opportunity to ride a private, exquisitely trained PRE Andalusian horse for a Spanish champion. One-on-one single class or 1 - 5 days private clinic.

PRE Morphology Class or Training

Learn the basic, medium and advanced sets of knowledge for how to judge the exterior, functionality and movements of your purebred Spanish horses. Your private instructor is a highly respected international PRE authority, one of the main instructors for PRE morphology judges, and much involved in the effort of ANCCE to improve the functionality of the purebred Spanish horse. Single class or 1 - 5 days private training.



Learning With the Spanish Masters

At CavalReal, we have gathered a team of leading Spanish PRE experts that are passionate about the PRE horse and sharing their knowledge. By working with them, you gain the privilege of sharing in the treasure house of information that exists in Spain on how to breed, train, ride and compete the PRE horse.

Clients that participate in our private clinics on one of our highly trained horses, often comment that it has been an experience that they will remember for life (see some photos here).

A Careful Selection

To decide whom to work with in Spain, remember that just as in any other country or discipline, it is important to be selective. There is a whole scale of levels of experience, reputation and expertise available out there. Not all knowledge is of the good kind, there are also less enlightened ways of doing things, that might still be called “expertise” or “authentic traditional knowledge”.

Trusted Professionals

The CavalReal Junior and Senior Trainers and instructors are some of the leading names in Spain in their respective disciplines, trusted for their ethics and professionalism. They all hold national and international champion titles that testifies to the quality of their work. Each one of them come with the highest recommendations for their level of professionalism, dependability and ethics.

Some Basic Facts



Location: Seville, Andalusia, Southern Spain

For a morphology clinic with more than 5 participants, arrangements can be made for us to give the clinic in your home town.


To the degree that you so desire, we help you organize the whole program around your lesson or clinic, including transportation to and from Seville center, peaceful accommodation in a private equestrian town house in the historic center, restaurants and activities around your riding.


Translation from Spanish to English or Swedish is included in our services.


Open all year round.

Getting There

Fly in to Seville airport, or arrive by train to the Santa Justa train station in the center. There are excellent speed trains (the AVE) arriving from Madrid or Málaga. Pick up a rental car (the airport and the train station have the same companies), or take the airport bus (€4) or a taxi (€25) to the centre, where we can pick you up.