How to Buy Horses in Spain

Spanish horses for sale in Spain are many. And yet, the best of them can be very hard to find – even for the most determined and experienced professionals. Also, the local business climate can be complicated if you are not used to it. What seemed to be a such a good deal can soon turn into a disaster.

Buying PRE Andalusian Dressage Horses in Spain

To buy a PRE Andalusian dressage horse from Spain it is recommended that you work with a local advisor with solid business ethics. Someone who has their feet on the ground, is well integrated in the local horse and business community, knows what is really going on and can guide you to a safe purchase experience.

There are so many things that must be in order for the purchase to be ultimately a positive experience. The actual quality of the horses, emotional, mental and physical health issues, feeding, legal issues, documentation, lab tests, vet checks are only some of the things that need to be of premium quality.

As a Swiss / Scandinavian team well established on the ground in Spain, we’d like to think that we can offer you a first class experience. Let us know what you are looking for, and perhaps we can help you find it.

Visit Spain to See Our Horses

Once you have identified a horse that you like, either on our sales page or through our concierge service, we help you organise your visit door-to-door. You don’t need to have identified more than one horse of interest, for it to be worth making the trip coming over.

…or Send Your Representative

If it is difficult for you to make the journey, we can also make a professional evaluation of your preferred horse on your behalf. In the case you’d like, we can add professional evaluations from independent, high-level professionals to our own evaluation, to present you with a solid material.

We Are With You All the Way

When you come to Spain, we take good care of you from you land until you go back home again. We help you getting all the details of your purchase right and help you through any veterinary, documentation, legal, financial, transportation and exportation issues.

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