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We Help You Buy Your PRE Andalusian horse in Spain

If you are going through the internet looking for PRE Andalusian horses for sale in Spain, we will be happy to make your life easier.

In the PRE Andalusian Horse Portfolio, you can see our selection of some very good horses in different categories.

But many first-class horses are not presented there, nor on any official sales page anywhere on the internet. Let us know what you are looking for, here (link), and we may have a horse for you.

What We Help You With

– Selecting horses to look at
– Identifying which ones that are worth seeing
– Organize your visit in Spain
– Coordinating with your representative (agent, trainer, e t c)
– Organising the exportation process (vet checks, quarantine, transport)
– General fact-and-people-checking in Spain

Categories of PRE Andalusian Horses We Work With

– Dressage, from beginner-level  to international Grand Prix
– Pleasure riding
– Breeding, from basic breeding stock to SICAB champions
– Colts and young horses

Depending on your budget, there is a large span of horses available. 95% of the horses we can show you are not presented anywhere on the internet. Not on our pages, nor anybody else’s.

Our Selection of PRE Andalusian Horses

When making our selection of PRE Andalusian horses in Spain, we work with local breeders, trainers, riders and private owners.  Both leading ones and lesser known ones.

When you work with us, you will always be buying your horse straight from the seller, with no other middlemen in between. (This can otherwise often be the case in Spain.)

Microchipped and With All Papers in Order

Any horse we show you is always a 100% purebred Spanish horse. The breed is also known as Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.). The term “Andalusian horse” is a actually a general term, and can refer to either a purebred Spanish horse, or to something else.

Within the breed, there are various bloodlines with different characteristics. We can inform you about such bloodlines, if this is important to you. We can also help you find horses of any particular bloodline you are looking for.

The horses we work with are, without exception, microchipped and registered in the official breed registry ANCCE,  with all of their documents in order.

Prices in Spain

As a general rule when buying horses in Spain, you will get what you pay for; higher quality costs more than lesser quality.

Read more about prices on PRE Andalusian horses in Spain here (link)

We Take Care of You in Spain

When you come to Spain for your viewing, we take care of you and/or your representative from the moment that you step off the plane. We make sure you have a good experience, from your hotel to your travel arrangements, and the food.

If You are Unable to Travel

If you are unable to come, we can also work with you across our video platform.

Get Your New Horse Home

Once you have found your new horse, we help you with everything involved with getting your horse all the way back to your home barn. Things we help you with:

– Vetting and x-rays
– Quarantine
– Tests and analysis
– Export / import procedures
– Transportation by land or air

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