An Easy Visit

It is very easy to see the CavalReal horses. You simply take the next flight to Seville. There, we pick you up and take you to the horses.

Rent a Car (or Don’t)

You can rent a car before flying, and pick it up at the airport. But it is not necessary that you have your own car. We will take you to see the horses in our comfortable drive.

Visit Over the Day

If you are flying in from Europe, take a direct morning flight, see the horse/horses and fly back in the evening. If you are flying in from Scandinavia or the US, you will need to stay overnight.

Flight Tickets

Flying to Seville from within Europe is easy. Two-way tickets start from  €100. From London, tickets are normally around €100. From Sweden you can normally travel for around €250 – 300.

If you prefer flying in to the Madrid airport, there is a very comfortable speed train (2.5 h), considered to have the best quality in all of Europe.

Staying Overnight

In the case you want or need to stay overnight in Seville, there is a great number of very good hotels and AirBnb options, with prices starting from €50.