Alcazar Real

Alcazar Real - Talented PRE Andalusian FEI Dressage Prospect of Champion Lines, 4 years

Alcázar Real, “El Tigre” (Fer Bulería x Hechizo VG) | Talented PRE dressage prospect born 2014, with high intelligence and a calm, serious character. 
Grey with no white markings. Currently 165 cm / 16.1 hh, estimated to be about 168 cm / 16.2 hh. A very correctly and strongly built horse with spectacular movements, completely without any dishing ("campaneo"). He has a strong back and very good legs and hooves.

Alcázar is a talented dressage prospect with high intelligence and a quiet, serious character. He has a very long walk, an elastic suspended trot and a powerful, airy canter and is an excellent horse for FEI dressage competition. In the stable and in handling, his character is calm, silent and respectful. Under saddle: Walk, trot, canter, circles, diagonals. Castration can be provided for a cost of €300, although for the temperament it is not necessary as he is very calm and orderly, also around other stallions and mares. 

Alcázar Real is a natural leader, calm, balanced and self-assured, no matter what is going on around him. He has the mentality required to take on the biggest challenges in the world of dressage.

Price Category: B
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Just like his father Fer Bulería, Alcázar Real is a calm and exceptionally intelligent horse that enjoys people, while having lots of energy under saddle, and loves to perform according to the will of the rider. At all times 100% polite, reflective and respectful, he is very easy to handle both in the stable and in any kind of handling.

Alcázar is a natural leader that likes to keep apart from the other horses but dominates with a calm will and natural authority.

An example: While using a large and noisy electric machine for the first time, when cutting his mane and tail , he was standing absolutely still without anyone holding him. Only 6 months old, he had the nerves to easily assimilate the stress of the unusual situation. For his sisters and brothers, we had to hold them, carefully, while doing the work. 

Champion Origins

– Son of Fer Bulería, (Mañoso II x Kanaka III), an elite multichampion stallion that is the only one of the famous Ferrero horses that has been trained to Grand Prix and competed in dressage. Fer Bulería is Reserve Champion of Spain (SICAB 2008), Absolute Champion of Movements, Absolute Champion of Functionality, Absolute Champion of the Breed with 43 medals in Spanish breed championships.

– Grandson of legendary stud stallion Mañoso II, father and grand father of innumerable breed, movements and functionality champions in Spain and elsewhere.

– Nephew of Joyero VG, 2 x Reserve Dressage Champion of Spain (Copa ANCCE 2016, 2017), that competed in the Young Horse Championships in Ermelo 2017, 2018, and the only PRE that competed in the World Equestrian Games in Tryon 2018. Alcázar’s grandfather Joyero Salvatella is the full brother of Joyero VG.


Full Brothers: Bolero Real (4 years), Calypso Real (2 years)

Half brothers and sisters: Aurora Real (4 years), Atila Real (4 years), Africano Real (4 years), Alpha Real (4 years), Bambú Real (3 years), Bohemia Real (3 years), Bulgaria Real (3 years), Condesa Real (2 years).

Stable Services and Further Training in Spain

After purchase, you have the option of keeping Alcázar Real with us until it is time to take him home with you. Also, if he remains with us in Spain until fully grown, we can arrange for his training and/or FEI dressage competition in Spain. More info here.

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