Purebred Spanish horses attract people from all over the world. If you are a rider, breeder, specialist or aficionado in love with the beauty and nobility of Spanish horses, you are most welcome to CavalReal.

On location in Andalusia, we give you access to beautiful horses and unique experiences in the world of the purebred Spanish horse. We will be happy to help you find your way in Spain.

Perhaps you are looking for your new horse, or for an opportunity to ride first class, private horses. If so, we might have what you are looking for.

Let us know what you are looking for.


Find Your New Horse – CavalReal helps you to a successful horse purchase in Spain and help you out with all things related to your purchase.

Riding in Spain – One-on-one dressage class on a competition-quality PRE Andalusian horse, from absolute beginner to Grand Prix competition rider.

Stud Farm in Spain – Home of Fer Bulería, Reserve Champion of Spain, the CavalReal stud farm breeds dressage and conformation purebred Spanish horses of champion lines.

Breed Specialists – Access to the breed- and business knowledge you need to be successful with your Spanish horses project.

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Purchase an Andalusian Horse in Spain

Andalusian horses in Spain are attracting buyers from all over the world. However, it is quite difficult to know how to succeed with a horse purchase in Spain all by yourself.

If you are looking for your new PRE Andalusian horse, you will be pleased to know that we can help you find good horses for sale. As we ourselves are dressage riders and breeders, we know what is required from a purchase.

 Ride PRE Andalusian Horses in Spain

Have you always dreamed of riding a first class purebred Spanish horse? In the case you would like to make a reality of this dream, we offer a small number of one-on-one lessons. You will then be riding our private, competition-quality PRE Andalusian horses in Spain.

Access to Breed Knowledge

As a CavalReal client you get full access to our breed expertise. When you work with us, we also bring you the knowledge and depth of expertise of our sterling contacts.

PRE Andalusian Horses Stud Farm

At the CavalReal stud farm near Sevilla, we breed PRE Andalusian horses of champion lines. If you are initiated in the breed, you might have heard about the famous Ferrero horses. It is a line of horses famous for its breed champions. CavalReal is home to a key stallion of this line of horses: Fer Bulería, Reserve Champion of Spain. As a result, CavalReal offspring is typically both beautiful and highly functional. They are suitable for anything form pleasure riding and dressage, to breeding and conformation competitions.


CavalReal gives horse lovers from all over the world access to first class purebred Spanish horses and experiences of Spain's unique and ancient horse culture.

Located in Spain and working with both leading and lesser known breeders, trainers and private horse owners, CavalReal specializes in high quality purebred Spanish horses.

In the US, the pure Spanish breed is commonly known as the Andalusian horse. The formal name of the breed is Pura Raza Española, or the P.R.E. horse. And together with its cousin breed the Lusitano, the pure Spanish breed is known as the Iberian horse.

We offer our international clients first class PRE Andalusian horses for sale, and unique horse experiences in Spain.

We also have a couple of private competition horses for one-on-one classes with leading Spanish dressage trainers. This is a service that we only offer to a select number of riders upon application (level: beginner to Grand Prix).

Our English-speaking team is educated in the US, UK and France. Apart from Spanish, we also speak fluent Swedish and French.

Example: PRE Andalusian Dressage Horse, 11 years

The expressive grey PRE Andalusian horse on this photo is a first class dressage horse for a child, young rider or amateur rider. In training with a leading Spanish competition rider, Golfo is doing nice lateral work and is currently working on his flying changes. A very well behaved stallion, he is easy and a lot of fun to ride. 

A grey Spanish dressage horse ridden in Andalusia, Spain. The image shows the beauty of Spanish horses.

Name: Golfo
Breed: PRE Andalusian
Sex: Stallion
Color: Grey
Height: 16.52 hh / 168 cm
Age: Born 2006
Character: Easy, kind and generous
Child Friendly: Yes
Level of Training: Lateral work, has started with changes
Located in: Spain
For Sale: Yes 

photo © cavalreal



CavalReal helps you find your new PRE Andalusian horse in Spain, or have a special Spanish horse-experience. Let us know in the form below what you are looking for. We love hearing from you, and will get back to you shortly.